2 comments on “testing the 7.5 turns Helical antenna from circular-wireless.com

  1. Actually, your finds are expected. The 7.5 turn antenna didn’t outperform the 10 turn antenna – it’s just matter of aiming. The 7.5 turn has wider coverage than the more directional 10 turn antenna and it’s easier to get better signal, that’s all.
    If you put TX and RX antennas onto some kind of rotator/tracker where both antennas continuously track the position of the other, you’ll see that 10 turn antenna is actually better 😉

    • In this case it was not. Both antennas were pointed directly to the plane and we fine tuned the antenna pointing manually. This was the best picture that we got out of our 10turn helical. The 7.5turns helical simply had a much better SWR (fine tuned). If the 10turns helical had the same SWR, it would beat the 7.5turns helical for sure.

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