2 comments on “OpenLRS is working fine

  1. OpenLRS receivers have a nice feature: They can output the telemetry-beeps as audio-signal for your video-TX, so you don’t have to switch on telemetry to get rangebeeps.

    Description on RCgroups:
    “LBEEP RSSI mode, this outputs a audio frequency beep (1kHz) on the RSSI pin when packet is lost. It can be wired directly into vTX audio input (or via attenuator curcuit). Normal RSSI is still available as ‘servo’ output using the ‘rssi injection’ if needed.”


    • Hi hitec,
      thanks for the tip, but i would have to connect the OpenLRS Rx with the video Tx to get that working (and use headphones or a speaker on the ground), so in that case i could also directly use the RSSI display of my OSD instead.
      But as i will build a new flying wing soon, i don’t feel the need to change my wiring on the old one 🙂

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