2 comments on “HOWTO – APM power distribution

  1. Thanks for the this, it’s really great that you’re documenting something that most people just assume everybody knows.

    I just had two clarifications:

    If you installed the current sensor according to the directions, it will be between the battery and ESC, not parallel to the ESC. It has to be in series to measure the current. As shown, it can still measure voltage, which is useful, but not current.

    The MinimOSD does not supply its 5v power outside of itself unless you modify it. It actually has two separate 5V rails: one from the APM which powers the digital components and another from the DC-DC converter which powers the video circuitry. The latter is separate to keep the video power as clean as possible.

    Thanks again, great job!

    • Thanks a lot for your feedback!
      For your first point, you are absolutly right, I corrected the diagram accordingly.
      The second point is true as well. But my recommendation is to bridge both sides (behind the DC-DC stepdown of course) and only supply power to the video circuitry. That way you can’t run into trouble with connecting ground on both sides (and creating a ground loop). Also, the wiring is easier and the DC-DC can handle the additional current without any problem. Using the Boost-Buck in combination with the diode and the LC-filter will supply a very clean power to the digital components, I have no problems with distortion what so ever.

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