OpenLRS is working fine

Just to give you an update:

Yesterday i did a 14,4km flight with the OpenLRS (telemetry off) and it worked fine (no fail safes).


Eagle Eye flying wing (1,6m) with 2x 3000mAh 3S

ImmersionRC DUO5800 v3 with 7,5turn Helical and ImmersionRC Tx 5.8Ghz 600mW with SPW

Turnigy 9XR with Hawkeye 1W OpenLRS (SRH771 antenna on the Tx, selfmade dipole on the Rx)

At first i was not sure, if i should continue the flight, because the picture quality was pretty bad from 4 to 9km.
When i reached 10km, the picture got better and i kept flying till 14445m. I needed to turn back, because of the battery voltage. On my way back the batteries died in ~4km distance, so i decided to land the plane on a field that was in line of sight and 3km away.
It worked perfectly and i picked up the plane by car. On my way to the field, i was also able to test the nice PMR radio beacon feature…it worked very well (although i already knew, where to go *g*).

The flight was done without telemetry or RSSI or autopilot, so i can not tell, how much RSSI was left in 14,4km, but as i will not need that much range anyway, i will try to reduce the OpenLRS output power next time.

first OpenLRS tests are promising…


We managed to do our first flights with the Flytron and Hawkeye OpenLRS systems.
Tx antenna: Diamond SRH771
Rx antenna: selfmade dipole

Sadly the Bixler 2 ran out of juice, so we stopped our test at a distance of 7km with an RSSI Value of ~90% which is pretty nice. Telemetry was off, Refreshrate 21Hz, 4800baud.

I also needed to stop my testflight with the flying wing, because it started to rain.
This time we turned telemetry on (only 100mW for telemetry available) and we had to increase the baud rate to 9600.

Both settings will decrease the maximum range.
The RSSI warning kicked in at only 1.5km and started to increase its beeps at 3km.
When i reached ~5km, the telemetry was beeping all the time and i finally saw many rain drops passing by, so i turned the plane around and flew back.

During that flight, i also recognized, that the OpenLRS tx is somehow distorting the 5.8GHz video.

It seems that it’s the cables of the FatShark and the groundrecorder that gets influenced by the OpenLRS (or of at least one of the hopping channels) and not the FPV receiver.

We will do more tests soon.